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We Buy Apartment Complexes in Alabama of 150 Units or more.

We are strong buyers and can pay you a FULL 10 CAP based on CURRENT operations.*


If the complex is being marketing based on projected figures (typically because it is vacant or has a low Net Operating Income), we can NOT pay a 10 CAP project figures. You can pretty much divide that figure in half, depending on how realistic your projection are and the amount of renovation/repositioning needed.


We are NOT currently looking for property scouts or "bird dogs".

You should be an owner or an authorized/legal representative of the owner(s).




We analyze the information about the property.
If the complex meets our purchasing requirements, move to a contract as fast as practical.



A reasonably quick purchase of your apartment building(s).
To buy your apartment complex in a courteous and professional manner.


We are wholesale buyers looking for a good deal on an Alabama Apartments Complex.

We are not a real estate agency, and we do not want to list your apartment complex for a commission or fee.

We are not a mortgage company.


We want to buy your property.
Do you have apartment buildings for sale?

Do you have an apartment complex for sale?

We are more than happy to work with listing brokers (agents) and/or property owners.

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We also Welcome Equity Partners Looking For a  Good Return.

The Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate presents many valuable opportunities for investment. Choosing to invest in commercial property has a number of advantages over buying residential property or placing your money in other types of investments such as stocks and bonds.

Commercial real estate is a stable form of investment. The value of commercial properties does not fluctuate as much as the stock market therefore the risks are smaller. Even in a bad market, it is usually possible to find a buyer for commercial property and the prices tend to fluctuate less and change more slowly than the values of stocks and shares.

The attractive returns that are produced by investments in commercial real estate are another important benefit of choosing this type of investment. The profits that can be made when investing in commercial properties can be much higher than those that are possible with residential properties.

It is possible to make money on a commercial property either by selling it on after refurbishment or a rise in the market value, or to keep ownership of the property and make money leasing it out. It is even possible to invest in a commercial property and use part or all of the building as a base for your own company.

Buying a property from which to run your own business is often an excellent investment since it will provide your business with a valuable asset. The overheads for your business will also be substantially reduced. If there is any unused space in the building, it can also provide you with some additional income as it will be possible to rent out any extra rooms to other companies.

Renting out commercial property can generate an excellent income. The rates for leasing commercial property are generally a lot higher than those that can be charged for residential properties. This is especially true when a the property is located in a desirable neighborhood or if there are limits imposed on new construction in the area, either by a lack of land on which to build or by the law. The rates in many commercial areas are driven up by the large number of businesses that want to obtain a certain address.

Another benefit to renting out commercial rather than residential property is that the lease contracts tend to be a lot longer. Contracts for residential properties can be as short as three to six months, while the typical minimum length of most commercial contracts is five years. Leases on commercial properties can also be a lot longer than this, lasting for twenty years or more. This means that investors who are leasing out commercial real estate can secure a stable income over a much longer period than those who are renting out residential properties.

Commercial real estate can be a valuable way to diversify a property portfolio that also includes residential properties. Having a variety of different types of properties can help to protect your investments against any fluctuations that do occur in a particular type of real estate.

It is also possible to have a varied portfolio of different types of commercial properties. Commercial real estate offers a wide range of different investment options. It is possible to invest in properties that are as diverse as mini storage properties, apartment complexes and retail rental space or strip malls.

The current market offers many chances to make a good profit on an investment in commercial real estate. The prices are currently low, but they are expected to recover in many areas. Industrial and office buildings and multi-family residential buildings are expected to recover fairly quickly, although some retail properties are expected to take longer to recover from the recent financial crisis. The relatively low prices and the caution shown by many investors who might usually be investing in commercial real estate present numerous opportunities for profitable investment.

Investing in commercial real estate can be highly profitable. It can also be very interesting due to the wide range of different properties that are on the market and the potential of leasing out these properties to a variety of different individuals and businesses. Renting out commercial property has many advantages over leasing residential properties, and dealing with businesses rather than individual people looking for a home can also be much easier.


We are NOT looking for property scouts or "bird dogs".

Please have a specific property to discuss.

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